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Meet the Team - Adam Mitchard

Meet Adam Mitchard, the Overhead Supervisor at Prasinus.

Five years ago, Adam joined Prasinus. He had over 12 years of solid, prior industry experience and instantly became a valuable asset to both his team and the company.

Adam’s journey with Prasinus began when the company was still based at their previous, very modest depot. When the company outgrew the premises and decided to upsize, Adam took on the important role of overseeing the facility relocation to Dandenong South. In the months following the successful set up of the new warehouse and site, Adam was promoted to Overhead Supervisor.

Adam is a self-motivated and enthusiastic part of the Prasinus team. He enjoys learning new things, especially when it involves utilising his skills and abilities to make a difference toward the future of the company.

 “What attracted me most, when considering joining Prasinus, was the amount of growth happening within the company. I really wanted to make my mark within the warehouse and logistics too. Prasinus gave me the opportunity to develop the skills I needed to become an Overhead Supervisor.” Adam offered his gratitude for the experience and ongoing learning with Prasinus.

Being able to coordinate a diverse array of projects with amazing construction industry clients is Adam’s favourite part of the role. Adam added, “when we successfully complete a major project as a team, it is the greatest feeling.”

When he’s not busy being a superstar at work, you’ll find Adam being a superstar at sport. His ideal weekend is spent playing baseball or cricket with his mates. His dream holiday would be anywhere (and everywhere) in America – Watching baseball or grid-iron at the Yankee Stadium, ideally.

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